About Us

We rejoice in the distinctive and progressive design

OB RISING is a fast-growing Scandinavian furniture design company executing commercial and hospitality projects. The OB RISING brand is a part of OBUZI, a Danish based furniture and interior design company.

Who we are

OB RISING was founded by 3 siblings who thrive on achieving uniqueness and creating inspiring places where people want to be and enjoy, whether they’ve come to learn, stay, network or just have fun.

What we do

We are tightly focused on two core areas: Hospitality and property development markets.

We add our expertise to your customers’ criteria to create the ideal environment by creating interior products that are:

    • Eye-catching
    • Authentic
    • Memorable

Why we do it

Because we are dedicated to innovative and progressive design, creative collaboration, and expert craftsmanship. Why? Because we strive to indulge our clients and their customers in a unique experience by creating visually pleasing interior products of raw materials. Why? Because that is our passion!

We serve our clients with honesty, integrity, and hard work. We take great pride in our work because for each of us, working with the interior is not just a career but also a passion. We really love what we do and count on this to be reflected in the interior spaces we create.

Most of all, we are dedicated to long-term relationships with our customers through personal attention to every detail.

How we do it

We go by familiarity. We use only raw materials in all our designs, something people can relate to.

In conjunction with selected raw materials, we blend artistry with functionality – creating an authentic design that is eye-catching and memorable.

Our Experience

With years of experience, our organization as well as our business setup enables us to offer our customers sustainable & high-quality products at competitive prices combined with a high level of supply security and efficient service.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is reflected in the uniqueness of our designs.

Our expertise of our in-house design team enables us to customize each design and manufacture each unit to the client’s specifications and style. In addition, our built-up designs are easy to transport, install, operate and maintain.

Our Design and Ideas

It’s not about the usual, it’s about embracing the different.

We are committed to creating distinction, through progressive design and creativity that is relevant to your audience.